Smart Property Investments: The Beachfront Prime, Phuket

At Blue Horizon Developments, we have partnered with SolidBlock, a smart contract development and management platform for transforming real estate into digital shares that can be traded, to tokenize one of our award-winning developments—The Beachfront Prime in Phuket. This means that you will have an amazing investment opportunity that combines stability with flexibility on a top digital securities platform.

The Ultimate Beachfront Property Investment in Phuket

The partnership between Blue Horizon Developments and SolidBlock—a portfolio company of BuiltUp Ventures, the leading PropTech venture capital firm investing in some of Israel’s most innovative startups—marks the first real estate securities token offering (STO) and the first real estate project to raise money on the blockchain in Thailand.

What is Real Estate Tokenization?

Before we define ‘real estate tokenization’, we need to first understand the concept of tokenization, which is basically a fundraise where investors can exchange cryptocurrency for tokens.

Real estate tokenization is the digitization of an asset, which is the conversion of property value to digital tokens that give investors unparalleled access to private real estate investments, transparency, and liquidity. This process allows developers and property owners to split their real estate assets into shares and raise capital more efficiently.

Invest in the Best that Phuket has to Offer

How Does Real Estate Tokenization Work?

When a real estate developer or property owner tokenizes a property, real estate tokens are created to represent the shares of a property.

The initial sale of a token is called a security token offering (STO), tokenized security offering (TSO), or a tokenized asset offering (TAO). No matter what term is used, the result is the same.

If a 100 square-meter property is being sold for THB 10,000,000, for example, one way the asset owner can divide the property into shares is to offer one share for every square-meter, which would cost THB 100,000 each. Alternatively, the asset owner could also offer one share for every square-feet, which will be valued at around THB 9290.

A digital asset offering by SOLID BLOCK

Why Should You Buy Digital Shares of The Beachfront Prime?

It’s the ultimate investment!

Set on an absolute beachfront in Rawai, The Beachfront Prime is a unique project that offers the ultimate no-risk investment in a superior tropical real estate. The Beachfront Prime’s location offers buyers excellent investment opportunities in a prime location, inhabited by luxury resorts and world-class facilities.

The property has a total of 96 rooms, each complete with a balcony that offers sea, pool, or mountain views. The hotel also has a restaurant whipping up amazing dishes and a beach club on-site.

It’s affordable and offers great returns!

The digital shares of The Beachfront Prime cost a minimum of USD 5000 per share, which is highly affordable as far as real estate investments are concerned. You can also enjoy up to 10% stabilized return on investment for 10 years and a 110% buyback option after 10 years of purchase.

Strong Partners

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Invest in the Best and Enjoy the View

How Can You Buy Digital Shares of The Beachfront Prime?

  1. Go on to SolidBlock’s website and head to the Marketplace.
  2. Click on ‘The Beachfront Phuket’ project for a quick review.
  3. After learning about the project’s investment details, click ‘Get Access’.
  4. Click on the ‘Buy Digital Shares’ button.
  5. Sign in or register for a new account.
  6. Check out by indicating the amount you would like to invest either by entering it manually or by using the slide bar.
  7. Choose one of the many payment methods available that is most convenient and make a payment.
  8. Once your bid is processed, SolidBlock will send you a payment receipt.
  9. If you hadn’t started your KYC or accreditation process at this point, you can begin at any stage through the Marketplace and request assistance at any point.
  10. Set up a crypto wallet to store your tokens OR entrust your tokens to SolidBlock’s platform to provide what are known as “custodial” services.

If you have any questions, you can always check out SolidBlock’s FAQs or get in touch with the term for personalized assistance.

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