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When we consider a new project, we really study it, not just the surface idea, but everything about it. High quality is a habit, not a one-time achievement.

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Since 2005, Blue Horizon Co., Ltd. has enjoyed excellent client satisfaction on construction projects. Our construction deadlines and budget requirements are met consistently through efficient project planning, scheduling, quality control, and cost management.

Blue Horizon Co., Ltd. has the expertise to assure your project is handled professionally, with high-quality construction.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve your needs and believe that we have a great deal to offer your organization. Contact us to find out more about our services or to schedule a free consultation for your project and requirements.

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The Beachfront Phuket

A ready to move in tropical setting of 8,000 square meters of pure luxury with 45 meters of absolute waterfront lawns and gardens.


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Himalai Phuket

Set along the breathtaking landscape just off Millionaire’s Mile,
you will find the magnificent Himalai Oceanfront Condominiums.


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Grand Himalai

Located on one of the most beautiful coastline areas of Phuket, you will find what can only be described as a dream property.


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