About WCGC

The World Corporate Golf Challenge began in the United Kingdom in 1993 in association with The Times Newspaper. The intention was simple:

Provide companies with a platform that would help enhance relationships both internally (incentives, communications, human resources, etc.) and externally (clients, suppliers, etc.).

In 1997 the event became so successful in the UK that the concept was rolled out around the world until it reached countries such as India, Malaysia, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, Australia to name a few. As a result, the event is now an international network of national amateur golf tournaments promoted and run independently by organisations (the licensees) in association with local national print media partners. The annual winners from each territory compete in the World Final representing not only their company but also their country.

In 2007, the Spanish company OM Sports, bought the majority share holding in the British company World Corporate Golf Challenge Ltd. The main objective of the new management team was to increase the number of countries where the event is played. All the World Finals celebrated under the new team directions have been a great sporting and organisational success, being considered by all the licensees as the best world finals in the history of the event.

TIME and Fortune magazines plus television partners Golfing World TV and CNN Living Golf have recently become the international global media partners and there are development plans in place to launch events in a total of 50 countries across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and the USA.

In summary The World Corporate Golf Challenge is the biggest corporate golf tournament in the world and since its inception 25 years ago, over one million golfers have competed across the globe for the chance to represent their company and country at the World Finals.

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