The possession of land and property has presented the base for all of the investments that we have today. It has long been established as one of the most stable forms of wealth, and this is even more true today than ever before. But what about the history of real estate investment and more importantly, the future?  

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The Past;

In the past, owning land was something that not everybody could manage or afford. A strange concept in today’s modern world with its abundance of land choices, mortgages, and property styles. In ancient times, land was usually claimed by whoever got to that location first. Furthermore, they had to defend it from other people that were looking to claim it using military forces and military power. As time passed and societies started to become more and more democratic, so did the division of land, which meant that at the end of this era, most land (estates) were broken into small pieces and sold to the rich.  

It was during the industrial revolution that real estate ownership changed the most, and with these changes, the business of real estate investment was conceived. During the industrial revolution the “middle class” was formed; which meant that normal people were starting to make more money, and the wealth gap was starting to narrow. This meant that they could afford to buy the property that they lived in and that they could sell it to another buyer at an agreed-upon price. Sometimes buyers would even have enough money to own more than one property, which they would let other people live in for financial gain. It was these changes that led to the creation of the first forms of real estate investment.

Later on, mortgages were made available to normal people to help them attain land without huge financial down payments and generational years of saving. This was a result of society’s development and the economy’s continued growth which made countries and people richer, allowing the banks to more easily give out mortgage loans. Which allowed people to own their properties and to become landlords or investors of one or more properties.

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The Present;

Enter the present and owning property has become easily achievable far and wide. People are becoming richer and so is the economy, meaning bigger mortgages are available and more properties are being developed to meet the growing demands of the markets as well as society. There is now an abundance of ways that people can become wealthy. And one of these methods is that they reinvest their money by real estate ownership/investment. Historically, this has been the best form of investment and it’s even more true in the present as it has shown continuous benefits like passive income, stable cash flow, tax advantages, diversification, and leverage. 

In today’s world, there are many ways that a person can achieve real estate income, with the support of large and reliable financial institutions and the ever-growing demand for property creating opportunities for huge and stable capital gains. Rental income, appreciation, and profit generated by business ventures depending on the property are just some of the ways that property investment can make people more money. And with the use of REITs (Real estate investment trusts), there are even methods to invest in property without having to own, operate or finance the property.

The most successful investors swear by real estate investing and they know the value that can be gained by owning, renting, or selling properties. Compared to the past there are many more ways to earn income and there are many more people now able to afford real estate. But what about the future of real estate investment? Is this going to continue? 

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The Future;

As our planet, technology, economy, society, and population develops and grows, so does our need for real estate. There will always be a growing demand for human housing, industrial plants, farmlands, rural developments, holiday destinations, and more. With modern instruments and advanced innovations at hand, real estate investment has the potential to widen its range. 

The mastery of technology has made property tech surge in demand as its scope develops. From specially-built sensors that manage and control room temperature, to artificial intelligence-created floor plans to aerial drones monitoring for structure malfunctions, the usefulness of technology in real estate is amazing as well as boundless. These advances have contributed to more sustainable development, limiting our footprints on the earth as well as improving our ability to use innovative design and technology in the construction of affordable housing.

Real estate, just like most markets, has its ups and downs. But unlike other investment opportunities, it is one of the most tangible and consistent. With all of the laws and legal protection, it’s a lot safer than in ancient times when people had to fight for it. And in terms of the future, it is still one of the best growing markets out there.

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The Conclusion

Nothing is ever set in stone. But if history has taught us anything it is that land has always been the best form of investment. Wars have been fought over it, cities have been built upon it, countries formed around it, humans and animals have been living on it for years. It is key to our physical survival, our society’s survival, and our economic growth. Without land, there would be no farms, no cities, no beautiful holiday destinations, and no houses. Simply put it’s vital to us and our economy and our society’s survival.

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